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Hello Clever People

I'm a graphic designer who ended up paying people to put my ideas into websites, so I went and learnt about them on a few short courses in Birmingham Uni...

I can't tell you how much I have learned, totally by the seat of my pants, how coding kills me and how fabulous it is when the penny drops and you finally know how to solve a problem.

I will find this place useful, as I can often find soooooo many tips and tutorials on things but there seems to be a lack of 'teach me like you would teach a monkey' which we all need sometimes eh> till we get it under our belts...

Anyway, have been freelance for 3 years, sort of fell into it due to illness/caring/bereavement, and having to own my own time for a bit - Only just putting it all together properly, and making a go of it business wise, tarting up old website and introducing new items 'off the shelf' ...taking my skills away from designing and towards the dreaded 'sales and marketing' eek!!!

We may be in a global recession/depression, but I have to say the work is out there, definitely. It's who you know, sadly...
Hi there! I've started in a pretty similar situation to yourself, I care for an elderley relative so found myself with a lot of time on my hands! After working in the pub/restaurant/club trade for many years, and providing most of the artwork to the various companies I worked for, I decided to give it a go as a pro!

Its not easy getting started but there's a lot of great help out there, and a lot of the posts on here are fantastic too!

In respone to 'sales and marketing', if you're based around the Manchester/Salford area the Manchester and Salford (funnily enough!) business fair takes place on 19th of this month, free entry and with free 'classes' on marketing. It also has a 'speed networking' event. Could be useful if you're not too far away!

Here's the link for it anyway! Salford and Manchester Business Fair 2011

... and good luck!...