Hello, casual graphic designer here. Just finished my first project!



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Hey guys, I am Faisal and a relatively recent graduate of Mathematics. I have always been keen on graphic/web design but only as a hobby. Over the years I have been building up my own personal website from raw code (fizz112.com). It is always work in progress, doing bits of experimenting and occasionally changing up the design and layout.

Currently I work at Bureau Direct on the corporate sales team. It's fun working here as my first full time employment since university. After settling in, my talent for website building was exposed and I was tasked in updating the old corporate website, which I must admit was a bit lacklustre. This was my first real project in building up a whole website from content, design and code.

I couldn't code it in raw HTML since other people would eventually need to be able to edit and add content in the future so this was my first time using a content-management based website builder. Although most of the design is still custom code, the average joe should be able to add new content if they wish to. I would highly recommend Weebly. I think it offers the perfect balance between custom HTML and easy to use GUI interface.

Content was the next big hurdle as I was never really a good writer but I enjoyed the challenge. My photography skills also helped pad out the copy with fancy close ups and images. After a few months, I am quite pleased with the result and here it is, officially launched just this week!
BureauBusiness - Branded notebooks and pens for marketing and corporate gifts

And if you are looking for branded notebooks, I'll be happy to answer your enquiries. Just hit up the contact page on the website :)

Look forward to being part of the graphic design forums!