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Hello are you Special Kind too?

Hello everyone! I am Lexi and I have started a graphic design business earlier this year. I'm a little quirky but very friendly so please do come say hi! If you have a minute to check out my Facebook page www.facebook.com/specialkind and give me some feedback I would be very grateful. Our website is currently under a new makeover so not much to see there..yet. But any ideas on content for websites, especially home pages would be muchly appreciated.

Thank You Muchly!


Staff member
Hello hankscorpio :)

What do you do apart from moderate?
I'm an evil genius and owner of the Globex Corporation.

I'll sting you with my dreams of power and wealth. Beware of me, Scorpio! My twisted twin obsessions are my plot to rule the world, and my employees' health. I'll welcome you into my lair, like the nobleman welcomes his guest. With free dental care and a stock plan that helps you invest! But beware of my generous pensions, plus three weeks paid vacation each year. And on Fridays the lunchroom serves hot dogs and burgers and beer! I love German beer!