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Hello! and Merry Christmas!

Hi, I'm Tash :)

I'm 26 and from Surrey. I was a fine artist for several years but the starving artist romance was replaced with a yearning for some form of regular income, so had a bit of a career change this year and am just starting out as a graphic designer.

I'm extremely lucky to have lovely friends who think everything I create is magical and amazing, but I can't really talk to them about layouts or get excited about fonts and brushes with them as it's just not their thing; and getting any form of criticism out of them is impossible because they don't want to say anything bad about my work for fear of hurting my feelings (i'm sure many of you will share my frustration on that one).

I don't really know any creatives apart from musicians so I am looking forward to meeting all you likeminded people and I can't wait to start geeking out over designer-y things with folk who actually know what I'm talking about!

Hope you're all having a very merry christmas and are feeling sleepily content with the world after your turkey dinners