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Hello all.


New Member
Hi guys, Been wanting to get into Graphics Design for YEARS. Since i was 16 now 22 and still no better. Hopefully i can get inspiration and guidance from the vets to improve!

I need to build/design a website for a company i have started if anyone could point me in the right direction to tutorials or any of the sort i would be highly appreciative!

Thanks all, Jaymo :thumb:

What sort of tutorials, just design in general or web related? I'm a little confused to why your building a website for a company when you have said you are no better than when you were 16, and now seek tutorials to make the website. Is this project a freebee? or are you actually charging. Sorry if it sounds harsh but i always wonder why people offer services if they dont have a grasp of what their doing fully and lack the knowledge and quality, especially if its for money.