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Hello All :)


Junior Member
Hi Everyone,

Got referred to this forum through Greg, love the design and seems a great community so I thought I would join up instead of just lurking.

I am 20 and I love web design, its been my career goal for the last decade and I have gradually being realising it. I have worked for some really great design agencies and met some fantastic web designers and creative types.

At the moment I work with a few local studios - doing some design but mainly front end code. I have never been the art type - One of the designers I work with gets there designs almost perfect first time, whereas I have to make 10+ revisions before I am vaguely satisfied with any design work.

Hence I am moving into the code and I am actually looking for some designers to outsource design work to whilst I stick to code and client interactions.

I live on the South Coast (Chichester) which has a really great creative scene and if any of you are around here feel free to hit me up for a coffee :)

Talent wise:

XHTML - 10/10
CSS - 10/10
jQuery - 9/10
Javascript - 7/10
Worpdress - 7/10
HTML5 - 6/10
CSS3 - 6/10
PHP - 5/10
RoR - 3/10

Photoshop: I know how to use it, but I am not that great at design so 6/10
Fireworks: 4/10

I write all my code in Coda on a MBP

Twitter (Only just started using): Twitter