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Hello all :)

New to the forum, just been looking around and interested in joining a designer community. So here I am :).

I am a amateur designer/developer, done bits of everything really. PHP, SQL, CSS, HTML, Javascript(JQuery) and all sorts of photoshop randomness. Made a few websites but never end up publishing them, as its just a hobby. Managed to create a very basic shop catalogue style CMS.

In 2nd year of uni doing web development, (not very good overall imo, oh well)

Anyone who simular to me then please reply, will love to get to know those in same boat as me and of course those who aren't as your the 1's i'll learn from :D.
lol thanks. I am a person who is very critical on themselves. I always want to improve so yeh, negative maybe but thats just to drive me on i think :)