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Hello all! I am new here!

Hello everyone! I just thought I would come on and make a little introduction for myself - it would be nice to get to know people and see who is out there in this small world...... (small but soooooooooooooooooo big...).

I am a Graphic Designer (Durrrr) from Northampton and I have a Degree in graphic communications, and a top grade BTEC Diploma (as well as one of those dreaded GCSE things...well....many GCSE things but more specifically the Graphics one!).

I have done a bit of freelancing in the past to get myself through university and then when that was over I quite rapidly found myself in full-time employment for a small company in Milton Keynes as their designer.

:) I find myself doing all sorts with them, whether is be the most simplest of jobs like a sign that says DO NOT PARK HERE.... or some lovely advertisement graphics for cafés and what ever else is out there! It's so varied, so I never have the same job twice.

Either way, that's enough about me for now! HELLO ALL! :icon_notworthy:
Awww thank you! If its the website you looked at then I should really update it..... I have been meaning to redesign it to be a bit more contemporary :/