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Hello after a very long time!

Hi all!

It's been ages since I last was on Design Forums! The last few months I've been pretty busy with finding work (I now work p/t in a small architectural firm and volunteer at a charity organisation both in North London!) and setting myself up as self-employed.

Check out my website which I've recently setup (and still needs alot of work!):

Sadiqa Jabbar or Sadiqa Jabbar

I'm pretty excited as it's the first time I've put my self 'out there'!

Let me know what you think - what works, what doesn't! Any feedback much appreciated and hopefully I'll become more active in the forum!


Thanks dudes!

Onartis thanks...my .com is the main and I think I have redirected the .co.uk - haha dunno why I put them both in the thread! (duh)