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Helllo, im new :)

Hi there!

My name is James Michael, i am a 16 year old graphic design student with a raging passion for branding.

Although i am young i would consider my work to be very close to a professional standard and my skill set is advanced.

I have great knowledge in various design software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign.

I do freelance branding on a regular basis and designed a whopping 86 logos in 2013, all for small independent business and sole traders, all of which where very happy with the logo.

I will be using this forum to interact with more designers, meet friends, and just to enjoy myself really :)

Paul Murray

Staff member
Hi James, welcome to the forum. Good luck with your career, it seems you have the confidence to do well. Stick with it and you should be fine :)


Active Member
your upwards estates branding is pretty nice, well done. Confidence is great. Toned confidence is even better.