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its okay, i like the photography of the graffiti, but i dont really like the navigation... i think just the photo having graffiti, the rest of the website as usual, would compliment it really well.

probably something in my head more than explained well in this post tho- dont blame me- i just got back form work.
Welcome to the forum.

Love the graffiti but the layout and navigation is all too much for me!
There is way too much going on and I dont like the way the navigation is in a different position on each page.


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Welcome to DF.
Some nice interesting stuff there, but the website let's it down. Someones missed a great opportunity to do a great website to showcase your work.


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I dunno what it is with the site but some area's look like they belong to other websites. They look like they dont belong together for some reason. For example you have the images page which looks funky (Apart from the nav) and then you click on and are displayed with a huge yellow page with a youtube video which looks apart from the site. I dunno it might just be me!

I suffer from epilepsy and that nearly got me going!

Welcome to DF Sandra anyway!


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Hi, welcome to DF

You have some really nice work in your portfolio, the site doesn't do it justice at all!

That navigation font is awful! whoever designed it should be shot!
I'd avoid using a graffiti style font and just use a solid bold grunge font.
e.g: You Are Loved Font | dafont.com

also possibly black and white the background image on homepage and use a bold white border around.

maybe bright pink type for active/mouseover navigation and white type for other nav

finally... I can't see any link between your nice typographic work and illustration and the banksy style you're going for... which IMO is a bit outdated.
the graffiti you have shot also isn't that great check out graphotism for some good stuff

oh and maybe add your name to top of homepage


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^ never use a pre-distressed font, do it yourself and it'll look authentic.

Hate seeing the same "distresses" on the same letters in words - completely ruins the concept.