Heidi Hi!

I'm very new to this forum community so thought what better a forum to join then a graphic design forum :icon_biggrin: :icon_cheers:

I'm a graduate from University of Lincoln in Graphic Design. Last year I was awarded a Merit Award and membership for the International Society of Typographic Designers (ISTD), which for me was very very surprising and a little confidence boost (only a little one :icon_tongue_smilie: )

Now like other graduates in this world I'm desperately seeking my first foot on the ladder and itching to get into design and make an impression.

Anyway, look forward to seeing what wisdom this forum entails! :icon_biggrin:

Happy reading!



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Ho di Ho

Hello, welcome, and congratulations :icon_thumbup: :icon_notworthy:

EDIT :: Oh, and good luck on the job front...
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See how new I am to these forums that I post two intro thingys!! haha sorry guys!

Printinglocal.....plaese share your wisdom? :)

I'm at the point of pulling my hair out and crying after soooooo many rejections.