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Health plan feedback


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Right peeps as some may know I can tend to go a tad OCDish at times, as in OCD off the deep end, if you didn't think that before you soon will. :)

So I was reading up on increasing your lifespan and 1 of the upcoming ways is low calorie intake. Not dieting but giving your body enough calories to do it's job, no more or no less and lowering your Homocysteine score. This stops your cells from pretty much over working thus increases their lifespan and thus yours and also stops the amount of toxins they create from burning food as energy thus freeing up more antioxidants to clear out other toxins from the body. By lowering your Homocysteine score to below 6 you save yourself from over 50 different diseases from strokes and heart attacks to cancer. This is accomplished by having a high intake of all your B vitamins plus eating a clove of garlic a day which can be cut up and put in a salad and only takes up to 3 weeks to lower it to safe levels. The average Brit Homocysteine score is 10.5, 1 in 3 Brits will have either a heart attack or stoke in their lifetime, and ppl with recurring Cardio Vascular Disease tend to have a score around 15.5.

In fish a low calorie intake has increased their lifespan by 300%, rats by 60%. The average human should be able to live to 120 years with a good diet, high antioxidant intake, high nutrient intake, exercise and a low pollution and free radical intake, and if this works on humans, no reason why not, the average human life span could be in excess of 150 years, the current world record for longevity is 122 years old I think. It is actually possible if you look at the data and the current research.

So here's my revised dietary daily intake as before I was having between 4000 and 6000 kcal a day. Anyone have any ideas on things I'm missing or not taking into account.

Porridge with 10g of flaxseeds,
Wholemeal toast x2
Scramble eggs x3
Vitamin C 1000mg
Flax Seed oil capsule 1000mg
Magnesium 300mg
Vitamin E 300mg
High strengh mutli vitamin
Cod Liver Oil 1000mg
Digestive Enzyme formula

Morning snack:
Banana's x3
Hand full of mixed nuts

Fish salad
Vitamin C 1000mg

Mid afternoon snack:
Apples x3

Diner (Mon-Fri):
Protein shake with 1 banana, 10g of Blueberries, 50g of Whey protein concentrate and 250ml of whole fat milk blended.

Late night snack before bed:
High bran cereal.

1 glass of red wine.

I will spare you my maths, I know I'm nice.
So next thing to do is work out the minimum fiber I need, the optimal calorie intake and ideal protein intake to build muscle.

Which tailored to me is ~
Fiber - 35g, best habits. 1% of the British pop hits this every day.
Calorie intake based on my personal Basal Metabolic Rate ~ 2056 Kcal
Protein - 120g

So the above diet would give me a daily intake of ~
Fiber - 50.71g
Calories - 2234.24 Kcal
Protein - 127.58g

Now I know the calories is slightly high but I reckon this is okay due to the fact Monday-Friday I do 20 mins cardio burning roughly 285 Kcal, 40 min - 1 hour weight training, 150 crunches and 20-60 press ups. That is also my basic calorie intake before movement for my current height, weight and age and includes things like digestion, breathing all the things the body needs energy before you take into account exercise and movement.

So can anyone see something I've obviously missed or haven't taken into account, think I have covered all the bases but would love feedback encase there is something blatant and an hour of maths and looking up nutrition facts has kinda fried me TBH.

Anal Jay. :D

O cheers for all feedback, and yes I know I'm a tad anal but hay I want to live forever, no reason why not apart from death I suppose. :down:


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this is my daily routine.


caramel latte
nesquik or golden nuggets (cookie crisp if im feeling REALLY hungry)


burger king super fries


potato waffles
chicken dippers

thats a working day.

sundays it's the same, just finished with sunday dinner (i feel that's almost too healthy tho, so its sometimes washed down with nesquik)

i do however have quite a lot of starbucks and ditsch pretzels. so yeah, that obviously counts somewhere.

orange juice is an addiction too.


oo um bongo is another great drink.
I'm now sitting here wondering how many calories I consumed AFTER dinner, ok it was an early dinner around 5. But when I got back in at 10 I polished off my Mum's left over chinese, some cheesecake and a glass of wine. Oh and a tiny bit of fudge. Mind you I am Scottish so I am due a heart attack in my thirties anyway.


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Cheers it's always good to have ppl look over your work. :)
I readded about the Homocysteine score lower yours and you will drastically lower your chances. Take it most Scots don't eat garlic or have B vitamins then. :)

And Tim proves why the average human lifespan is only 85years old. :(


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Dude follow my taliored diet, check out my breakfast again reedited to include supplements incase anyone wants to include any I don't take, and it will stand a good chance of bieng +40years if not more. Honestly it's all down to diet and what you give your body o yeah give blood that adds 7 years on to your life and drastically cuts your chances of getting cancer and a load of other diseases due to you lowering your blood iron level.

Rag a car and it wont last 5 years, look after it, clean it, oil it etc...and it will be fine for decades same reasoning but with your body instead.
tim said:
this is my daily routine.


caramel latte
nesquik or golden nuggets (cookie crisp if im feeling REALLY hungry)


burger king super fries


potato waffles
chicken dippers

thats a working day.

sundays it's the same, just finished with sunday dinner (i feel that's almost too healthy tho, so its sometimes washed down with nesquik)

i do however have quite a lot of starbucks and ditsch pretzels. so yeah, that obviously counts somewhere.

orange juice is an addiction too.


oo um bongo is another great drink.
Love this tim!
Jazajay said:
Dude follow my taliored diet, check out my brekfast again reedited to include supplements incase anyone wants to include any I don't take, and it will stand a good chance of bieng +40years if not more. Honestly it's all down to diet and what you give your body.

Rag a car and it wont last 5 years, look after it, clean it, oil it etc...and it will be fine for decades same reasoning but with your body instead.
I totally see your point. I've only recently got back into the gym regularly, so diet is the next thing I need to improve.


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Well if you take my diet into account without exercise porridge ups your metabolism and gives you a good dose of fiber, flaxseed's whole gives you a mega dose of your W3 fatty acids in Omega 3, 6 and 9 which your body needs for mental well being, healing and about a thousand other things. Again supplemented via the Cod liver oil and flax seed oil capsules. Store in a cool dry place to stop it going rancid the fridge is best.

Vitamin C is an immune booster, huge immune booster, same with Vitamin E. Vitamin E is also 1 of your main antioxidants so helps to mop up the crap, pollution, chemicals that sort of stuff that can cause cancer and other diseases.

Magnesium as most magnesium is removed from tap water thus giving you a higher calcium intake than natural means unless you drink bottled which I try to make sure 1 litre a day is from bottle water. The magnesium is needed to offset this imbalance as magnesium helps to regulate the calcium in your cells better making them more efficient.

The digestive enzyme increases nutrient absorption by 50% if not 75% Dependant on how poor your digestive system is.

The pre-biotic adds food for the good bacteria in your gut and the pro-biotic is the good bacteria in your gut.

The eggs have high quality protein and high vitamins make sure to cook them in olive oil and again you get the benefit from the olive oil. The wholemeal bread again adds fiber, slows down your blood glucose level and adds vitamins that are removed when bread is refined to the white crappy sort.

Have some nuts again for protein and their beneficial effects.

The mid snack of bananas is a great source of vitamins and a huge source of fiber almost 10 grams worth.

The lunch adds a huge amount of nutrients and again Omega 3 to your system, plus the garlic clove to lover your Homocysteine score. Use loads of black pepper as black pepper contains the photochemical pepsin which is in the digestive enzyme formula and can improve digestion of nutrients by up to 40%.

Make sure the fish is a small one though not tuna, as the sea is heavily polluted with mercury and as the bigger fish eat the smaller fish the bigger fish have higher levels of mercury which is toxic to us.

Have 3 apples to remove cellulite which is given to you by very high saturated fat intake and lack of exercise, improve skin elasticity and to stop a few diseases cant remember which ones its beneficial for off hand, again due to photochemical's in the apple and it's skin, also again it is a great source of fiber over 13 grams worth.

The protein shake is becuase I hit the gym hard and it gives me my bache chain amino acids that I need for muscle building and muscle repair, fiber from the banana and antioxidants from the blueberries make sure this is either an hour before a gym session or half an hour after ideally.

Then high bran cereal high in B vitamins and fiber and a late night meal, 2 hours before bed, of fiber gives you better sleep patterns, and a glass of red wine as it contains antioxidants.

And TBH your laughing health wise.

Here all week

Jaz. :)


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O Ralph dude you need to change your ways fella. thats not good, I bet it's white as well so all the goodness is refined out of it. :(

At least get some supplements.

Also the coffee a stimulent so makes it harder for your body to cope with stress, makes it hard to remember things by up to a 20% decrease in memory recall when you have had coffee and learnt something/took some information in at least an hour after and also hinders the absorption of a few minerals I think maybe Zinc, which is needed for your skin, Seamen production and to help absorption of several other minerals to the body. :)
Jaz that seems way too extreme you couldn't eat that everyday - doesn't seem balanced to me! 4 bananas and 3 apples in one day? no, surely that's no good?! And apart from the salad you've got no veg on your plan! I think all the vitamins is a good idea (I should probably take more), but yeah I say the GI diet is the best.
Jaza how much do you spend on food in a week, surely it is almost impossible to follow these type of diets and plans on a daily basis...it seems a bit OTT to me. I used to play semi professional football until the age of 17 and we had people who specialised in these areas. It seems a bit ridiculous with all this seed popping and vitamins and all this fruit Anne garbage a healhty life style consists of good exercise and healthy eating on a daily basis not a menu menu of stuff as you've set out.

Dnt try me wrong it seems you know a lot about health and eating but to be it sounds very extreme. Ice read some of your eassay threads and they are just mad some of them. Where do you get all the info from? Is it websites? Or do you buy magazines such as men's health?


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Aww babes thats well sweet but honestly don't worry you will be seriously surprised. For example my salad with have raw carrots 50g (high levels of Beta carotene which is an antioxidant in it's own right, Vitamin A, and Photo chemicals as it is veg), lettuce 100g (high in Vits A, K, C, Folate, Manganese,Thiamin, Vitamin B6 and potassium), beetroots 30g, spring onions (High in antioxidents), Baby onions(High in antioxidents), Feta Cheese, Cheddar cheese, a whole clove of garlic (Massive list of health benefits people who eat garlic everyday for a prime example are the least likely group to get cancer as cancer is 85% diet 15% genetics some of that 15% though still needs bad diet decisions to become effective), tomatoes, Fish fillet, cucumber 50g. All those ingredients, bar the fish which is cooked in Olive oil are raw and no more than 3 days old from out of the supermarket, ideally locally sourced as that way they have more vitamins.

My high strength multi vit is again high strength. B vitamins 75mg for example when the RDA, which is based on how not to get such diseases as scurvy and rickets says 5g, taken with a digestive enzyme formula my body will absorb a lot more as well. Granted it is not a replacement for proper food but so many scientific results have proven they do make a huge difference. Again all within non-toxic levels.

But I know it seems like a lot but not really TBH my calories are still around what my body needs no more, and there will be a deficiency slightly as I work out loads so I may have to rethink it a bit TBH.

But I do totally agree with low GI, sort of. I lost 4 stone on the low carbohydrate approach which is more strict as in 60grams a day, I was having between 4000-6000kcals a day when I was so I'm actually cutting down on my food in take TBH. But yeah the low GI is great because it gets rid of empty calaroies and makes you eat more vit based foods which is only good.

However long term it's not the best approach, weight loss yeah bring it on cant beat it, but you need around 35grams of fiber a day to avoid certain cancers and to give your digestive tract an easier time. Low GI foods can't give you that for example I wasn't allowed fruit, Wholemeal bread which is full of vits not the refined white which isn't, in the weight loss phase but now I have moved into the weight maintenance phase I will include them back in to hit the fiber total. Bare in mind only 1% of Brits hit 35grams a day.

But dieting to lose weight is so the wrong way of doing it thats why the low carb to lose weight is far, far better.

But it is so sweet you worry, bless ya but I have taken it into account trust me.

When it comes to nutrition I don't listen to advice that isn't written by someone with either a PHD, medical doctorate that cures people via diet (Fair few out their now as a lot of diseases can be linked to a defincey of some kind) or an established nutrionalist.

Bare in mind we know more about the universe than we do our own oceans and we know more about the oceans then we do about our bodies. Photochemicals have really started to be opened up in the last decade to their hugely positive effects on the body.

I will hardly touch drugs, unless my life was dependent on it, as a result of Docs IMO being tought to cure diseases by chemical drugs that have bad side effects but were developed by a pharmaceutical company looking to make money and not organic solutions proven time and time again by medical research. For example your Homocysteine score can be tested by your doc and can pretty much tell you your risk of getting a heart attack or stroke a lot more precisely than testing your cholesterol levels in the American journal or medicine since the early 90's, again I will double check that, I do get my cholesterol levels tested yearly, along with Blood pressure and iron levels but after learning this recently I'm going to ask to see if they can test my Homocysteine score as well TBH. Ask your GP for a well being test more people should have it it's free.

Prime example through Arthritis that one disease is worth $30 billion dollars. $17 billion on treating Arthritis $13 billion going on treating the side effects of the medication. When there are proven remedies such as glucosamine, I think but I will have to double check as I don't suffer from arthritis so was like o right interesting when I read about it in my recent book, which is organic and actually repairs damaged cartridge, natural pain killers that scientific tests have proven to be more effective than paracetamol, the list is pretty big.

Anti depressants.
Skull cap i think, again I'll double check to make sure it's the right one, is a herb that doctors will actually prescribe if the chemical anti depressants don't work. Again ST johns wort does the same thing but has beneficial health properties and you can buy it in the shops and no side effects as long as you are not preggers again with skull cap not a preggers solution I will con-seed to that.

The list goes on.

But some of it is also by the mens health mag one of the things that got me interested in my basal metoblic rate was the January edition TBH.

Food shopping a week for me is about £45-50 so not much TBH.

Yeah I can see why it does seem maybe a tad OTT but I really have sat down and worked it out as I'm a tad sad. :D

O wow who do you use to play for by the way?

Yeah that is healthy eating dude, veg, eggs, fish, wholemeal bread, I'm supplementing what I can't give me body, as I believe in high nutrient intake which is hard from food intake, Omega-3 should be supplemented. But vit supplementation has been proven time and time again in medical research against placebos.

O yeah Sat and Sunday as I wont be hitting the gym will be a meat diner with broccoli, cabbage, carrots, potatoes and meat more than likely not Chicken as in the UK 750 tonnes of anti biotics goes in Chicken feed every year and is then passed to us via the consumption of it. Also so many bad practices of supplies adding protein strand and then pumping it up with 50% water.

But thanks for your feedback guys very much appreciated, honestly. :)