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Have you seen this?!

Wow. That looks amazing! Great idea to be honest - imagine if they did that to all the UK ones :p I think everyone would stop complaining about how ugly they look!


GraphicBee said:
for that design/plan. i would think some drawbacks like when it rain heavy. how will they contain lots of water?
They would have to have a big plughole at the bottom... or more sensibly, a run off river / pipe.
If they were really clever, they would let the runoff pipe irrigate local farmers fields.

Tony Hardy

That's truly an epic piece of design. There are some fantastic hotels in the world. England doesn't seem to have all that many on this level.

Sean Lee-Amies

Well they spoke about having a 100m waterfall, presumably from the top of the hotel. So I imagine that they would have an extra water storage system at the top, which they will need to draw water from the bottom to create the eternal waterfall effect. Perhaps that will be built to deal with taking in more water when the water level rises too high.
Yeah that hotels are looking fantastic and design is really fascinating. I saw like this waterfall for first time, you are right Alex Gilmore people will stop complaining how ugly they are.