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Have you donated?


Senior Member
Hi Guys,

Just wondered if anyone has drop a donation to the forums lately? I put my hand up I havent donated a thing since I started using the forums. I've been round here a while so I think I am going to drop a small donation in on Friday when i get paid, help the community along see if we can stop getting these VB errors! lmao! Joking Joking, I am in the mood for giving some money away, and this is the best place I guess! Anyone want to join me on Friday see how much we can raise in a day.


Senior Member
my card for some reason isnt allowed to be used on paypal (but every other site will allow it) so i cant donate to farkin DF


cheques will only be helpful Timbo when you want to rent somewhere and need to give them a deposit cheque (some place demand it in a cheque not bank transfer :))