Hati Earthquake - Proactive rather than reactive?


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Right bit of a deep post for 7am but here goes.

Millons upon millions is being spent on getting aid, supplies, rescuing and general support for the Hati disaster. BUT rather than being reactive with all this cash WTF dose this world not support these places in the first place so that when things like this happen there is less devastation!

Having been away when it all went on I'm not fully 100% sure exactly what happened out there but understanding is the worst hit areas were where people did not live in proper houses or structures?

And now going to really put something controversial BUT shouldn't we look after our own homeless in the UK, A friend of the family a few years back became homeless in the UK through alcohol, he tried to get his life back on track but couldn't get back into society as he had no fixed address, 1 year later he was dead.

If this country has got £x millions to give to this why arnt we doing more for the people that need it in the UK, not taking freeloaders but the odd few homeless shelters.




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Well an earthquake with an 8.0 magnitude would have destroyed almost any average Western/modern house. So there's not really much to be done about that. I'm not saying they shouldn't get decent houses, I'm saying that an earthquake shouldn't be the sole reason for doing something about it.

I'm just wondering if any of the celebrities are doing something. Quite a few of them earn over $30-40 million dollars a year. I bet if you stole a million they wouldn't even notice it's gone. Do you have any idea what $1 million is worth in a country like Haiti?


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No Onartis the celebs do help out, they sing at gigs for less than they would usually charge.... arn't they nice!

I think we should be helping out others as much as possible, the West has a bad image and rightly so (read above comment) but I also agree with criag. "charity begins at home" and all that.