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Has anybody used Mail Chimp?

Discussion in 'General Software & Hardware Forum:' started by DAVOR, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. DAVOR

    DAVOR Member


    I am in the process of starting up a part-time freelance company (evenings + weekends), I should have done it years ago :icon_blushing: I am stuck in a dead end job with no hopes of progression or any interesting work, so hoping the freelance can boost my income and get me some of my creative juices flowing again.

    Anyway, planning ahead I have been thinking of emailing potential clients, etc when I came across Mail Chimp. As anybody used their free service? Would they recommend it?

    Thanks in advance for your input.
  2. Minuteman Press

    Minuteman Press Moderator

    I've used Simplycast for many years - they're very good / recommended. Mailchimp does appear to be the market leader in the UK based on forum appearances and usage by our clients.

    ARRIVALS Well-Known Member

    I havn't used either of these, but what's the difference between these and googlemail for example?
  4. DAVOR

    DAVOR Member

    The reason I am looking at Mail Chimp is the HTML email service they offer. I don't have any coding skills so this is of interest to me.
  5. dedwardp

    dedwardp Member

    Although I have never used it, for e-shots and the like I have only ever heard good things about Mail Chimp and would be quick to try it out if I ever needed it.
  6. Corrosive

    Corrosive Moderator Staff Member

    We use Mailchimp and don't really have a bad word to say about it. Well worth a try for e-shots and mailing list management.
  7. trudy.collins

    trudy.collins New Member

    I agree with Corrosive. After trying Constant Contact and Aweber (Awful.. simply awful) and looking into a few others, Mailchimp has proved the best for us. I use it to produce email campaigns for work, here are my pros and cons...

    - You can easily import your contacts manually or import straight from Excel incredibly easily (proves very handy if you have a few hundred to import!)
    - Unlike Aweber and a few others, contacts do not need to manually 'Opt In' to receive your emails/newsletters.
    - Everything is extremely easy to understand, the website is easy to navigate round and it has some great video tutorials.
    - They have excellent customer service and online help.
    - Each campaign has a report which shows you how many times it's been opened, how many links and have been clicked on and by who etc which is great!
    - And perhaps the best of all, if you stay within the maximum emails sent and contacts subscribed.. IT'S FREE!!

    - the customisation of campaigns is just slightly limiting where layouts and fonts are concerned.. but that's it!

    so yes, I would definately recommend Mailchimp! Good luck with your new career path :thumb:
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  8. DAVOR

    DAVOR Member

    Thanks for your reply. Looks like I will defo be using Mail Chimp. Thanks for your wishes also!
  9. linziloop

    linziloop Member

    I've used Mailchimp and I find it really great, easy to get to grips with, nice interface, no problems as yet, all good!
  10. Andy C

    Andy C New Member

    You could also try mpzmail has many of the same features as mailchimp but is quite a bit cheaper....
  11. Edge

    Edge Active Member

    Yep - used Mailchimp a lot. However email marketing is hard to get right. Here's some tips:
    - If you email too regularly the number of unsubscribes goes up. For my business I think quarterly is enough.
    - Test
    - Test
    - and test again
    - Don't send out rubbish - seems obvious but so many companies throw together a pile of crap for the sake of it. Send out something useful and interesting.
    - Subject heading is pretty critical
    - Send to a name
    - Send sector specific stuff to groups in your database so email is relevant to them
    - Avoid sending to hotmail etc as even if they are subscribed they can click on 'Junk' and it gets reported back to Mailchimp and they give you earache and can ultimately close account.
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  12. Katedesign

    Katedesign Well-Known Member

    I use MailChimp for a couple of clients. Had few problems (apart from one list they gave me that was utter rubbish and got us stopped for a while!) Otherwise, if your list is good, it is easy to use and gives good reports. Be specific what you send - not too much stuff in one shot.

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