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Harvard University Press Goes Modern


Tony Hardy

The Harvard University Press logo has been completely revamped and redesigned by Chermayeff & Geismar. As when any major logo with heritage changes, things probably aren't going to sit to well with a lot people.

However, I have to say I think it really works. When it comes to apps, tablets and e-readers, I think the new logo has a lot more mileage.

I don't like the mark itself particularly, but in use, I think it's very affective. What does anyone else think?
Also, I would sever one of my feet off to have a client list as impressive as Chermayeff & Geismar. I wonder how much they're costing out at?


Staff member
harvard is the oldest uni/college 'brand' in the US, to me they shouldn't be 'that' modern... they have a heritage which for the US is rare and they should be proud of it and use that as it's focus not trying to modernise for the sake of it
Don't get me wrong, they needed a revamp but I think they've gone too far with the box design

Matt Harle

I agree that they've gone a step too far, and have lost the prestige associated with that old logo.

Tony Hardy

I don't think they've gone too far. I like how it's fairly adaptive and can change depending on it's situation. I feel a crest logo is probably difficult to adapt into most circumstances.