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Happy Monday.


Well-Known Member
Today, Monday January 30, has been named as the happiest Monday of the year by psychologists who cite the years first pay check and newly booked summer holidays as helping to banish the winter blues.

The date is regarded as when the majority of folk put the financial excess of Christmas behind them and coincides with the busiest weekend of the year for booking holidays.

Are you happy today?! :icon_cheers:
Yes I am! Bought a super 8 cine cam at the weekend and looking forward to trying to get it working :)

Maybe some snow too, this always makes me happy fingers crossed!

Tony Hardy

Well-Known Member
No. I had an appointment with Lloyds at stupid AM, who in turn told me to wait til April for my new account. What a bunch of plebs.

Paul Murray

Staff member
Been trying to buy a bargain priced second-hand DSLR for a few days without much luck.

Every time I contact someone through Gumtree they tell me the item has sold, yet they don't bother to remove the advert. One guy was advertising a Canon 500D about 10 minutes from my house, but when I enquired he told me he's actually living in Leeds because of uni. with the camera there.

I could just buy a brand new one, but I'd rather get a decent second hand one with accessories for the same price :icon_smile: