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Happy Birthday Rolf Harris


Senior Member
Heard him on the Danny Baker show at the weekend, he really is a bit of a legend. Listen to the podcast if you missed it, he does a few of his tongue twisting off the top of his head.

Must dust down that wobble-board and get practicing again! :D


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I used to belong to the Rolf Harris Cartoon club, how cool was I?!
They sent you a members pack with a rolfaroo t-shirt! I need to try and find that (really hope it didn't get thrown out!!)



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I thought about getting a Stylophone once but opted for a Guitar.
I could have been Keith Emerson or Vangelis, instead I'm Lonnie Donegan


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What a man!
To go from Rolfaroo to painting the Queen's portrait.

And, why has no-one yet said this...

Can you tell what it is yet?