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Happy Birthday MrP!


Active Member
Somehow managed to miss this, but with 20 minutes to spare spotted the birthday notification on Facebook!
Happy birthday dude, hope you've had a good one



He's probably in a gutter somewhere in deepest darkest Cardiff :lol: nursing a massive hangover :p


Senior Member
I have not seen a real cake yet! This disappoints me! The thread makes up for it!

However Tom wins.

I think food coma would describe my time in London. I can recommend....

1. Partridges - (yes Michael Partridge went to a market called Partridges) awesome roasted veg, mozzarella and rocket pesto sandwich!

2. The Saatchi Gallery - Contemporary Art in London - Conveniently near the aforementioned shop. Maybe it was the other way round...

3. Cinema Listings | Ritzy Picturehouse | London - awesome pizza's.

I went to see the eels (girlfriends choice) and got back home today in time to make it to see MC Xander (Greg, Soren get on youtube if you don't know him already).

And Ken is correct, sobriety is the way for me! So passed out in a hotel half a stone heavier has been the way of my 29th.

Thanks folks!