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Happy Birthday Berry Monster (Early)


Senior Member
Hi Guys,

It's early but thought I'd drop it in as I wont be here tomorrow! It's Berry Monsters birthday tomorrow so thought I'd wish him a Happy Birthday! So yeah Happy Birthday Mate...what are you getting? Time off work hopefully? :confused: HAHA! If only eh?

Have a good one mate!


Active Member
Awh! You Guys! ( and Typo)
I'm all taken aback. I'm hoping to take the new 3.5 litre Zimmerframe out for a run around the kitchen tommorow. If i make it thru a few more winters I'm expecting a telegram from the Queen which would be nice. Thanks for your kindness, now bug*er off and stop making me feel old!
I'm off to treat myself by savaging someone online.........


Senior Member
Whoever even thinks about congratulating him tomorrow will be banned for life. We're celebrating today, not tomorrow!

(his biological clock is already messed up enough as it is)