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Hamilton Win's Singaporean GP

Hi Guys,

Did anyone see the F1 this weekend? It was an ace race, I absolutley loved it. Even though I was at work I managed to catch it as we have HDTV's in the office. One of the best race's ive seen for a long time.


Senior Member
few crashes....brawn just keep getting lucky.................all the time

If hamilton was lucky like brawn..he would have stacked up couple of points in every race despite starting from the back. Istead the stupid boy gets frustrated and crashes his car
I saw the race, it was awesome.
I always feel so proud of Hamilton when he wins, I just want to SQUEEZE him! I love the boy!

Can't beat watching the F1 on a sunday smelling a roast dinner cooking ;)
Yeah, I enjoyed that till I started this job...not for long tho I hope! So disappointed it's nearly end of the season :( Hamilton has shown that he uses his brain in the last few races. It wasnt Hamilton's fault in Spa, he smashed the brakes on to avoid a collision and was hit by the dumb ass Buemi..was it Buemi? Or Algesuari...one of them I think...anyway, I think he is improving a lot it all comes with experience its only his 3rd season, I know they are well setup for 2010...
YEah im looking forward to 2010 and seeing how far he can go there!
Cant beleive how well the team is doing now after the crappy start to the season. I felt so sorry for hamilton at the beginning :(
yeah but he could have been gathering 1 or 2 points at every race while the engineers were sorting the car out. Hamilton is a big head that only wants to win and will crash his car even if he is second!