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Hamburger Cupcakes


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Would anyone else be confused in eating these hamburger cupcakes?!
Just had it pop-up on recommended sites from Stumble Upon...

I hadn't got around to signing up for the forum yet but I spotted this and figured you're the sort of people I'd like to be on a forum with! I've baked a few burger cakes for family birthdays etc and they go down a treat, got quite a few requests for baking more.

They're real easy to make too, just a quick sponge cake recipe and adding cocoa to some of them to get your 'burger', then fiddling around with fondant icing and frosting to get your cheese, ketchup and the rest.

I also made a giant one for my brother's girlfriend's 18th, unfortunately didn't have enough time to let the red frosting darken (you gotta give it time to develop a nice red) so it's a bit of a pink ketchup (though they did bring out that green ketchup a while ago..)

They really do make people stop and look twice, and for a sweet tooth like me all the extra icing makes them delicious
I made a batch of 20 or so little cakes for my stepsister's 13th and I just spent a few hours in the kitchen - I was baking a chocolate fudge cake and shortbread cookies during this time too though. It's a case of making your batter (real easy, sugar, marg, flour in equal amounts, and eggs in half the quantity of oz of the other stuff - e.g. 4oz sugar, 4oz marg, 4oz flour would require 2 eggs, 6oz of each would be 3 eggs - whisk together sugar and marg til creamed/fluffy, alternate adding eggs and flour. For the chocolate cakes, add cocoa to taste and a spoonful of golden syrup to stop the cocoa drying out the cake), pop into cake cases in a cake/muffin tin and stick in oven at 180 for 15-20 mins til ready (cake springs back up when gently pushed, or a skewer inserted into cake comes out clean of batter). Remove and let sit in cake tins for 5 mins, remove, and while cakes are cooling on a rack (wait a little while, otherwise icing will dry out), prepare the 'cheese' and 'lettuce' - roll out ready made icing in necessary colours, cut to size (I use a pastry rolling to get a wavy strips for lettuce, in the pic above I just tinted dessicated coconut with green dye to try another method but it was too messy really and relies on people liking coconut). The ketchup and mayo is an American frosting recipe I found via Google. Once cakes are cooled, cut chocolate cakes into three pieces, sponge cakes in half, and insert lettuce, cheese, condiments and 'burger' as required. The sesame seeds were piped on with the white frosting.

And woah, I probably explained that in way more detail than necessary!
Haha cool cake. Pangolin is the new Heston Blumenthal :).

Did anyone watch the new series with Heston where he does all the different periods like The Dark Ages, Victorian times and so on?

He did an amazing dessert in the Dark Ages episode where everything on the table was edible. He made Icecream look like candles and other stuff look like cutlery and even the napkins were edible. And the starter was different meats made to look like fruit. Very creative guy. :)

I wanted to catch that show but not having a TV at my house means my TV schedule works around when I'm visiting my mum's TV..I mean, my mum! ;) What channel was it on, I'll have to see if they have it online


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I saw the Victorian one, will have to watch the Dark Ages one, did you see the vibrating jelly at the end of the first episode?! :D
Greg said:
I saw the Victorian one, will have to watch the Dark Ages one, did you see the vibrating jelly at the end of the first episode?! :D
Yeah that was brilliant! He had an actual vibrator or something inside it didn't he? :)

Was that the one with the edible garden as well? That was so cool (although I think I'd pass on the insects ;))


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Yeah that was the same one, with the bugs injected with a tomato flavoured sauce! would be a bit weird eating the earth/soil on that one!