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Anyone else off to a halloween party and making their own costume?
Feel like I'm 8 again, using paper mache in an art attack stylee :)
Hoping it will be worth it, just need to find a red tricycle... hmm


meh... don't really do anything like that for Halloween personally. I do have a couple of large pumkins to carve though ..

I think Greg is going to do a costume of the puppet from "Saw" if he needs a red tricycle.. or the child from "The Shining" LOL


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I'm going as Billy from the Saw films...

& my girlfriend is going as my victim (in the classic reverse bear trap from the first film)...

Trying to find a cheap kids trike on eBay to spray red, think it will add a touch of comedy to the scary-ness! :)

EDIT: Chris wins the secret prize for his correct guess! :D


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It won't be, when you see my paper mache effort!! :)
Will post some pics on Sunday

Which joker will you're take be closest to?

Got to be the classic Nicholson?


LOL now that would be disturbing.. if you want you can have my SAW box set if you need it LOL


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This could come in handy then...

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_RRcq2oBGw]YouTube - Dark Knight Joker Makeup Tutorial[/ame]


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allyally2k said:
I love that you're making it out of paper mache!

I'm aiming for Heath as the Joker... I will take sum pics of my efforts
Why is there never any love for Ceasar Romero!!!

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CjiIHfKwi0Q"]YouTube - The Joker - Best clips.[/ame]

to get that right you would have to have a moustache!