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The time has come ha ha, just wondering if anyone on the forums has anything planned for tonight? No doubt you will be seeing alot of articles on your favourite blog websites halloween related so be aware. I know some people on these forums may be too big for so called "Halloween" but when the day comes you can't help yourself to be a tad on the scarey side.

I don't know why, but things always seem to go wrong for me during this day. :mad:


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Heading out to a local venue that has 'alternative' music this evening, as they always have a great Halloween party! But no fancy dress for me this year, after last year's effort...

(That took far longer to make than you could imagine! lol)


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I did have some white cricket gloves just to complete the look, but think I got fed up of trying to pick things up wearing them by that point! It was for a friends party in London, the best bit was turning up at his door dressed as Stay Puft, the initial reaction was brilliant! :D


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Sorry Craig it didn't quite survive being taken off, as it was held together by quite a few well hidden staples! I think I've still got the head of it somewhere.

Hmm, here's an idea, get a massive box cut out a hole for your head, arms and legs, then paint it up like a cereal box, frosties or something, then make a knife to go through the middle... cereal killer!

...I'll get my coat.
HAHA, that is quite funny actually, if I had more time then maybe that would have been a good un, but I may just go as a scary web designer (oh wait, that is me on an ordinary day)


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Hmm, so you need something very quick and easy to make...
There's always the obvious white sheet with two eye holes cut out, a classic ghost.
I'll keep thinking and let you know if anything good springs to mind!