Hair Photography Resource

Hi, could any point me in a direction that I could get some really great hair photography?

I have been searching on the royalty free photo libraries, but they just do not stack up to some of the processional fashion photographers I have found.

I have found one stunning photo, but the cost of licensing is too much for my client and after a long old discussion with the photographer telling me he is very flexible and we could come to a deal, I know he would laugh at what I had to spend but he kept pushing. I knew it wasn't enough but told him. He laughed and went.

It's fair enough, I appreciate the quality and quality cost ( i'd like to have a dig at free design work here - but I won't).

So after my rambling, I'd desperate for good quality hair photography that is reasonable. Any ideas?

Cheers all.
Yeah, I've been through these thanks. I'll go through them again anyway, just in case I missed the right one first time round.