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Hadrian's Pizza


Tony Hardy

Hi guys,

It's been an age since I posted up anything at all for critique so I thought I'd show what I'd be working on as of late and get some feedback on it.

I've been building the branding and website for a local pizza company that serve flame baked high quality pizza.

Obviously, I know there are bits of the site in progress, some bits don't work, others do, I'm on it. But, I would like any thoughts and suggestions as what could be improved.




Active Member
Hi Tony
As my girlfriend just said: "I really want a pizza". I think the design is awesome and really spot on. I take it is for a sit down resturant?

Can they take orders online and take payment via Paypal for the ones they can?
If so that would be a great feature to add - think dominoes. :)

The bit that seems missing to me though is the Pizza section.
Where are the ingrediants that go in each pizza?
What if I am allergic to 1 ingrediant and I'm not sure if 1 pizza is right for me?

Also how do I find you if I am new to the area / down for the night?

Could you not add an embedded map to make it easier for the user to get their bearings?

On this page: http://hadrians.canny-creative.com/pizzas/

The copy under the hand on the book us today area at the bottom, to me is screaming to be changed to read: Contact us today, instead. If the user completes this action they are not looking to read more; but, to actually book more.

Overal, pretty good though mate - impressed. :)


Tony Hardy

Hi Jaz,

Thanks for commenting on this.

They're actually a mobile pizza oven/unit/trailer thing, so there's no real location. Each time they're going to be somewhere, it goes up in Upcoming Events.

I wanted to go down the whole "ingredients" route and each pizza having their own page, but the client isn't 100% sure what everything will be or contain yet (Don't launch til end of the year) so that's not in there for now.

Thanks again,


Junior Member
Nice man, I like these one page sites. Looks fresh, nice work!

Also, love the logo, guessing it's in reference to Hadrian's fort? Awesome!