H4XR - The incredibly useful uploading tool


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I used to send loads of images to flickr, photobucket etc. for image hosting. Or send files over an instant messaging app to show a friend a design or image.

Thanks to H4XR - no more uploads EVER again for Mac users.

You download a widget, which you use to "drop" images on to. Once the image has uploaded (best to use images up to around 2mb) it gives you a confirmation sound, which tells you that the file is uploaded.

A URL has been saved to your clipboard, so all you need to do is Cmd+V the link to your friends.

The widget itself is cool - but I dont like the fact that I had to hold down on a file, open the dashboard with my keyboard and drag on to the widget that way.

If you put "defaults write com.apple.dashboard devmode YES" into Terminal, you can click and drag the widget off the dashboard and on to your desktop. (works for other widgets too).

Check it out! Trust me, its SO good.


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Onartis said:
(if some idiot wants to make it crash by himself... you can fix it by deleting the widget and putting it on again)
I know something you dont know,
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Click the widget. Press Cmd+R