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Gulf of Mexico Oil Disaster -- BP telling lies?


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Hey guys,

Could BP be telling the work lies regarding the deep water oil rig disaster?
these guys seem to think so and have some very compelling evidence that the well is still leaking and ultimately killing the gulf of Mexico.

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oaf998FwQVI]YouTube - A Tale of Two Wells (Dedicated to Matt Simmons R.I.P.)[/ame]


Jail the Banksters: Gone in 18 Seconds -- BP's Lie Dismissed

in a nut shell as far as my understand goes its like this....

BP applied to US Govt. to drill two wells in the gulf of mexico. Well A @ xyz and well B @ qaz ... but only got p[ermission to drill well A

When drilling well A they had a problem, and it started leaking oil, so they moved on to well B.

Well B blew up , media gets involved, we see video footage of the oil spilling out of well B and then we see video footage of them stopping the oil from well A

its suggested that only 2% of the oil makes it to the surface in such cases and separate satellite photos after the supposed capping of well B shows a massive oil slick under water that is still growing.

If the above guys are correct this really is serious stuff and really does need the public to be made aware of.

but wait there's more lol ....

one of the main guys to critisise BP dies from a heart attack as well .... hrmmmmm :)
[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PCB-5p51X7o]YouTube - MATT SIMMONS dead - Heart attack WEAPON by the ELITES? Another Illuminati victim[/ame]

maybe i should lay off the drink :)