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Guitarist on here?


Senior Member
I know Berry is an axe wielder (although he might be struggling having fins at the moment), as am I, anyone else?

I wish to share this! you can design your own dream les paul!!!!


and my dream les paul

some other offerings from my friends on another forum...



:lol: isn't that a Berry attack offence :lol:

My dad collects guitars... he's got 30 of them.. from Rickenbackers to Les Pauls and stuff like that .. personally I don't play guitar or know anything about them more than the names of some of them :p


damn that will be something my brother will buy for his son when he's old enough..... :lol:


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mrp2049 said:
I spend most of my forum time on here. I even try and sell you to my friends!

In future I will check with you.:rolleyes:
Haha, I was only kidding :p
and I know forum members might use other forums :D