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Discussion in 'Introduction Forum:' started by Alpha, Apr 12, 2011.

  1. Alpha

    Alpha Junior Member

    Greetings to all, my name is Callum and i am a designer, i specialize in graphic design for web and print. I'm also more recently taking on digital painting and illustration.
    an entrepreneur i spend most of my time trying to make it work and am always open to business opportunities.

    I look forward to getting to know the Design Forums people better!

  2. Thewholehogg

    Thewholehogg Active Member

    Hello Cal. Do you have a website to show work?
  3. Alpha

    Alpha Junior Member

  4. berry

    berry Active Member

    welcome to DF
  5. BenJonesDesign

    BenJonesDesign Active Member

    welcome o the forum, good to have another illustrator on board, great work!
  6. Alpha

    Alpha Junior Member

    Thank you for your welcome!
  7. Greg

    Greg Active Member

    Welcome to DF Cal, great to see your sci-fi illustration work in the other thread, I'd recommend looking into getting your own site setup at some stage as that level of work could attract some great links for the future :)

    Hope you enjoy Design Forums.
    Thanks, Greg
  8. Alpha

    Alpha Junior Member

    thanks, i'm glad you like my illustration, i am indeed currently working on getting my portfolio nicely set up in the hope of generating some business :)
  9. Eyarei

    Eyarei Junior Member

    Hello Dan! I'm new also and I absolutely love your character designs haha! It reminded me of these little Plasticine models I made when I was little and I drew them all up and called them something crazy like The Squiggles, I'd forgotten all about that until seeing your online portfolio haha :)
  10. Art Beacon

    Art Beacon Junior Member

    Welcome, buddy! In case of curiosity this link bring you to my blog , you are welcome!

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