Greetings From Sunny North Wales!


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Hey all

I am new here so hi *waves*!

I'm a 45-year-old designer, self-taught and always critical of my own work, I use Adobe primarily and work for an events organisation company that runs some of the biggest comic cons in the UK. Been here a year and loving it. I also run my own business selling my artwork online and at comic cons.

My primary aim of coming here was to chat with other designers and get ideas and feedback when needed but also to find a place where I can speak to someone about design equipment! I need a new laptop so that I can go into the office which is an hour away (I usually work from home but need to go in a couple of times a month). Unfortunately, my laptop has died a death, it's just a basic Dell that's great for plain office use but nowhere near powerful enough for me to work on Adobe with.

I need a gaming laptop but I am struggling to find one in the lower end of the £1000 price range with decent specs... any ideas? I did come across this one but not sure if its any good!



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Personally, much as the price tag always stings, I go Apple every time. I know PCs are a whole lot better than they used to be and there is no reason not to go that route these days, but any comparisons I have ever done still leave me feeling that the mac is just that bit sleeker at the job and gets in your way less. I also find colours to be more accurate. I use an iMac most of the time and am still amazed at how good the screen colours are when compared to the finished print job. I have two other screens connected to my main machine and no matter how much I fiddle with the calibration, they don’t come close.

i don’t have enough knowledge of Windows machines to even begin to advise on models, so will have to leave that to others, but I would guess that spending a few more pennies will pay dividends. Always go for the highest spec you can afford. In the long run it pays you back, as it will future-proof it for longer.