Greetings from Massachusetts in the U.S.

Mike Zwingli

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Hi there.
My name is Michael, and I write this from the New England state of Massachusetts in the U.S. I am not in the business of graphic design myself, or indeed of any related field, and I am an utter novice when it comes to using illustration software. I do have some experience with online fora, however, since I have participated in the Latin discussion and word reference fora in the past. I currently have a couple of questions regarding what seems to me to be a fairly simple vector design that I am trying to create myself (a mistake, perhaps?), and I decided to register here with the hope that I might have some answers to those questions. I only hope that you professionals are not too bothered by my raising questions that I am sure will seem somewhat sophomoric to yourselves. I will try to ascertain the proper forum for my queries, and will post more about my situation there.


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Hi Michael and welcome.

I have some friend's in your neck of the woods (Boston to be exact).