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Greetings, comrades

Hi there,

was pleasantly surprised to find this place sparkling with activity. Everyone seems to be obsessed with blogging or social networking these days and I'm glad that there's still a niche for a good old board.

I'm an Art Director in one of many London's global senseless corporate advertising networks, but, as it's common for us Art Director folk, started a while ago as a Print Artworker and then a Graphic Designer (where, just like most of you, I had to do all the artwork myself anyway). So if any of you is still curious, what would it look like to put some spot UV on top of a page laminated with matt metallic film, I might know the answer.

Plus lots of other suff - animation and actionscripting, web design, 3D and all that usual bells and whistles in most of which I'm just scratching the surface. And just to put it all a bit more in perspective, I did most of the above back in Russia, so apologies for my English in advance.


PS: Sorry for not posting links to my work. I think most of it is crap.


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Hey vodkalondon,

Welcome to Design Forums, a little community that is very much thriving, and growing at a great rate amidst the social networking shadows! It sounds like you've had a great deal of experience at varying levels through Agencies, I'm sure something that will be very appreciated by the less experienced members, like myself, in threads & posts to come.

Would be good to see some of your work... I'm pretty sure it's going to be impressive given your experience! Anyways look forward to hearing more from you, and your English is probably better than mine from that first post, so certainly no need for apologies on that front!



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vodkalondon said:
PS: Sorry for not posting links to my work. I think most of it is crap.
Welcome to the forum.

I'm not bothered about your work or if its crap.

I'm more pleased that you recognise it. Now everything else is a step forward and a progression.
Don't have to climb any trees here.