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Greetings Beings

My name is Bjorn and have been active in the web design / development industry since around 1999 (yes, I feel old too!). I was a member of the GDF in the past, but never really had much time to read and post help and advice. I am hoping things will be different this time around.

I am one of the trainers of a Nottingham based training provider who specialise in web and print design training. One of the reasons for becoming a member on GDF again is that I was recently asked to put together a list of helpful resources for our customers. I hope you dont mind, but I will be listing GDF as a place they can go for advice and general insight into the industry. Hopefully some of them will also be able to contribute to discussions as well.

I have worked in roles as a developer for most of my career specialising in PHP development, but I am also a little bit of a zealot when it comes to semantic markup (XHTML with CSS). My design skills have something to be desired which is why I usually work alongside a designer, but give me any design and I'll turn it into clean code in no time. :)

Well that's me. I am happy to contribute to any questions I see on the forums.


Bjorn Le Roux
Web Studio Training (Nottingham)