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Greenwich Market!

Hi all,

This Wednesday, I should hopefully have a stall set up in Greenwich market, selling printed t shirts I designed. If any of you are in the local area pop down and have a look. Here are the design currently available Home / Fable & King.
Message me for more information.




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Nice, I love it in Greenwich, probably the only place in East London (south-east London) I would be happy to live.

How long have you had your online store? Do you get many online orders?
yeah Greenwich is lovely, especially during the summer. I'd like to to live on the common :)
I first started this is March and mainly sold to friends or friends of friends and the odd random and blogger. I'm trying/need to reach to a bigger market. The better it does the more I can add to the tees such as hem tags jumpers and shirts etc. I've gone for using nice quality shirts made in LA, so none of the cheap labour used China and that, the staff are all paid above minimum wage and can earn commission too. The prints last longer as they're DTG (printed on the shirt), heat transfers don't last long and don't feel nice. I thought it that would help stand out from the rest. Just hoping the confirmation goes through for Wednesday.


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I prefer vinyl printed t-shirts as I like solid, flat, kind of vibrant colours of nice, simple apparel designs. DTG tends to begin to fade after a few washes but is better for use of gradients and more complex designs.

I've always wanted to experiment with a combination of both on one design.
Vinyl is something I would like to try one day, just got to have the right design. yeah thats why I wanted to use DTG for the gradients, saying that I've got testers from a year ago and they they've only just started to fad a bit, I think the material helps as well.
They could be a good combination


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Most non techy post alert!!...

Which is the tshirt print process that leaves a really thick almost rubber like finish?

I HATE them!! They always make my moobs sweat! lol
lollll That would be a heat transfer. Possibly a screen print too but don't hold me to that. DTG prints on whites shirts is unnoticeable.
Right, Greenwich Market have not got to back to me (a common problem with them) so I'm stuck in Limbo about tomorrow as nothing has been confirmed. If I hear any new I'll update this feed to let people know. I the mean time I would be extremely grateful if you pass my site to friends and family and may be a little like :p Home / Fable & King
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