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Great marketing!


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You know all many spoof con emails from Nigeria/China etc that generally tells you that $200m is in a bank account for you?
Well the buggers are getting CLEVER now.

Today I got one from a Chinese bank manager but it came 2nd letter with a franked stamp!!!!!

Yes technology has now advanced to typed personal letters to business addresses.

This is it folks Online is DEAD! We're doomed...........


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Oh yes I've got $2m sitting in a bank deposited by a relative a Mr John Burgess. My father must have been a real busy man in his youth.
I've scammed a few of these scammers before, its pretty funny.
I usually make up a very twisted family story, and have some fake company letterheads/ documents that I made to go along with a fake email adress.
I've gotten some good responses and wasted some good time of theirs while screwing around on my lunchbreak haha.

The best time, this guy sent me a fake passport scan of a Chinese man, the scammer was obviously Nigerian, though. I had him sign a document that my "good lawyer friend" wrote up, he sent that back with a scribble, but I told him that was his english signature and I wanted his Chinese one. The guy spent all night photoshopping the chinese one onto the document, I could tell it took him a while because the message was so late compared to the others, and his tone was very distressed. The photoshopping was terrible, he used the line lasso tool! LOL, I "accepted" it, then stalled for another week before he caught on and cursed me out.

That one actually became the highlight of everyones work day for a while at the shop.
I've been too busy to do any news ones though.


I love doing stuff like that. I've only gotten as far as complaining vigorously at spam phone caller, who started telling me my name, making up that she'd phoned earlier and other ridiculous things, as if I regularly forget when random people phone me. I then demanded that she remove me from her database and not to contact me again. It felt quite liberating.

As for spam mail I normally just send one back saying that they should stop pestering people and should get a real job etc. Your way seems so, so much more interesting though, thanks for that idea!