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Gravure Print Problem


Junior Member
Hi, I have a client who produces cereals and I have designed the packs for them.

They have decided to use a printer based in China who uses gravure printing.

Problem is, I am only used to supplying artwork for conventional litho print and they are telling me that the artwork will not print very clearly if they go ahead.

Does anyone here have any experience of this type of printing and if possible could give me any advice on how to supply my artwork...the printer is asking for AI files, which I have sent them but as I’ve mentioned, they are telling me that it won’t print well.

There is a language problem here so I can’t really get the right information from the printer.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks
Mike :(


Staff member
According to google gravure printing appears to be an etching and pressure based printing method.

More info here - Printing Process Descriptions: Environment and Printing: The Printers' National Environmental Assistance Center: PNEAC: The Environmental Information Website for the Printing Industry

How you design for it, I have no idea as I've never had to deal with it before.

I'd also be asking the client to get detailed requirements from the printer as clearly they have someone who can deal with selecting a Chinese printer so they must have someone who can ask for the required information that you need to adapt your artwork. I'd be saying quite simply that there is a language barrier between you and the printer and as they selected a Chinese printer rather than an english speaking one they will need to get the information you need.....I say this as I trundle off to edit my T&C's to include a bit about dealing with foreign language companies etc.....