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Graphics Tablets...


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Im going to buy a graphics tablet to mess around with some ullustrations and to help with general graphic design proccesses. I also do a lot of photo editing.

Any sugestions? I know Wacom is the most well known brand but I dont want to spend "a bomb"


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Although the Wacom cost more then other graphic tablets, they are worth it.
I have tried both expensive and cheap tablets and the difference is very big.

The resolution plays an important part and also how pressure sensitive the tablet is.

With this said I would recommend the Wacom Intuos 3 A5 wide or normal shape, depending on what sort of monitor you work with.
The A5 is more then big enough and it has come down a lot in price since it was released.

This is a link to a site I find useful:
WACOM Intuos3 tablets

Ebay is also good to look at for these tablets.

I hope this helps

Kind Regards


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That helps...in letting me that my budget needs to increase! haha

I appreciate it though.

Are the Bamboo Tablets just not worth it then?


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I've tried a few low end graphics tablets and never got on with them, so I can imagine Dan is spot on with his comments. I've only ever heard good things about the Wacom tablets, let us know if/when you do get one Phil and how you find it. Thanks, Greg
I haven't used a mouse in about three years. Graphics tablets are bloody great, once you get used to using it I guarantee you'll never look back. It's so much quicker and easier and I swear it's better for your arm because the movement is much more fluid and less repetative. It's not just for artworking in Photoshop and stuff either, it's also great for more point and click stuff like film editing and animation (working with timelines is especially good).

I've only ever used Wacom tablets but I think they're totally worth it. The first one I had lasted three years (it even got taken on tour when I used to work with a band) and it still worked fine it just looked very battered and worn, so I brought a new one as a treat.


Yer I've used a cheaper one (£30?) a few times and never thought much of it, but then I suppose you get what you pay for.

A screen printing company I use to use had a huge one (and I mean huge) and they use to swear by it.

Personally a mouse works just fine for me.


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A mouse is fine, but a tablet is MUCH better fro your hand and arm and does help you stop against RSI. I would say a wacom is the one to go for, especially if your using a mac, as these are the only ones ive seen work on one.


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I actually brought myself a wacom bamboo a few months ago, having previously used the wacom intuos A5 wide at my last job.

The Bamboo doesn't do a bad job to be honest and to begin with I was very happy with it but it's now becoming very frustrating when doing things that need a lot of accuracy like slicing up webpages in photoshop it just never seems to click off where you want it, as soon as you let go the selection seems to jump a few pixels. At the time I was in two minds whether to get this or fork out for the Intuos A6 wide (at around £160) and now wish I did really.

If you want something just for navigating the screen in a more comfortable way then the bamboo is ok but you would want a mouse also really for some more fiddly jobs.

The intuos A5 wide from my previous job was absolutely awesome but at around £300 I would go for the A6 version ((around £160)) (which is the size of the bamboo and plenty big enough for me).

Also I used to get a lot of aching in my shoulder and arm which the tablet stopped so defo a wise choice for your health!
Just to add to the Bamboo point, I moved to a tablet a couple of years ago and wouldn't go back to a mouse. The Wacom Bamboo is good for general purposes, if you have the money go for the intuos. Don't know if it was a one off but I've just had to buy another Bamboo tablet in the last couple of weeks as my previous one was selecting and right clicking everything, tried all the troubleshooting and driver re-installs to no avail. Prob would have been better off forking out for the intuos in the first place.


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Seriously this boils my blood to no end.

"brought" - you didnt bring the wacom from the shop, you BOUGHT it from the shop. Jesus....

Anyway back on topic!
Wacom's are the be all and end all of graphics tablets, they cost a lot because they are the best. Just like Lamborghini's.


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Lamborghini's are impracticable though!

You can't fit it in a parking space, you're more likely to take seven up, than one, and you wouldn't leave it alone because people'll scratch it!

Anyway back on topic!
Wacom's are the be all and end all of graphics tablets, I have a Wacom cheapo one and the A4 tablet.


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blueocto said:
Seriously this boils my blood to no end.

"brought" - you didnt bring the wacom from the shop, you BOUGHT it from the shop. Jesus....
I think everyone has a thing like this! I remember at my old workplace the senior designer couldn't stand the word solutions, and got quite annoyed at clients over using the word solutions in their brochure copy, etc. Maybe we should start a new thread about those things :p

philjohns said:
Well I got a Bamboo fun for christmas...and your right....HOW DID I EVER LIVE WITHOUT SUCH A THING!!!
Sounds like the Bamboo is a good graphics tablet to start with then?
As an illustrator who uses the computer to paint I would go mad with a mouse. Intuos is the best tablet I've used (have tried genius (yes ouch), and graphire (good) )- Well worth the money I forked out.


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The Bamboo is a great tablet - Ive got the Bamboo Fun Medium so the drawing size is approx. A5. It proportions it to my screen (20inch) and i use it a lot. Although I dont use it ALL the time (mostly becuase my desk is too cluttered) whenever I use Photoshop or illustrator it IS with the tablet! Editing photos, drawing logos and designs has never been easier!
Im glad this thread came up because I've been looking at graphic tablets too as my hand just aches after five minutes of repetition in illustrator and was so confused about which one to get...i just have to save lots of dosh up to actually get it now! thanks guys really useful! :-D


I wouldn't get any smaller than an A4 graphics tablet.. they aren't good any smaller than that IMHO :)

Used to have a nice A3 one at one of my old workplaces.. very VERY nice :D great with the multiple screens too :D


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I think it's a very good investment to make if you know you're going to use it. Before I really got into design, I was big on art and illustration and got a DELETER XP-Pen. It was a crappy little thing but I made due with it until the plastic pen broke so many times super glue really just wasn't cutting it anymore.

Then I got a 9"x12" Intuos3 (sorry folks, not too big on my English paper sizes) and life was so much better. Kept that for a few years and I just recently bought a 20" Cintiq, and life was great. I just wish I had more time to use it, but a lot of my projects don't require much hand-work.