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Graphic designer


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While I was reading your posts, a question came up in my head, you see. This question, you will read it here if you continue to read this post (logically).
Well, many of you are graphic designers. I wonder how you became graphic designers : if you studied firstly graphic design at school or if you learnt it alone, where you learnt graphic design. Things like that. I'm curious and I wonder what I could study after my "Licence". (I study foreign langages)


studied and worked at the same time doing freelance work through my university, then worked my ass off in all sorts of jobs trying to get them to let me do design work for the companies I worked for.. seemed to work for me.. but not for everyone, a mate of mine on the same course as me at uni is now a plumber as he couldn't find any design work after uni :)
I went to Uni for 4 years and did a computing degree, I've been into design for years and taught myself really. I still gues I have millions to learn as my course was no where near design specific. I just love design, everything about it really interests me.


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BA design for media, MA visual communication. Freelancing as much as I can since, looking for a real job lazily.

There is a long version, but my arse is numb after watching my name is Khan!


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i fell into it, writing copy for a design agency, then doing a bit photoshop, then doing a bit layout, then artworking, then concepts, then implementation, then everything else that needed doing, i learned a lot from jumping in, that was around 3 years ago... there's even more to do still


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I was always naturally GREAT!
'Graphic Design' is vague though. I started as a junior doing advertising and brochure/print work. Since then those disciplines have been separated by technolgy and techique
I did a Uni Diploma in Multimedia Visualisation with Product Design and then on to a BSc in Multimedia Technology.

I started with interface design and websites, then branched into basic print design after that.

Always wanted to work for myself so that's how I ended up going down this route.


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Thank you for your replies !
I have a friend who studies visual communication, she learns how to make a website, she draws, etc...
I'm really wondering if I will do something like this. I'm interesting in many things and it's difficult today for me to choose just one way, but I have the time to search (i'm just in first year, and there are 3 years to validate a "Licence").