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Graphic designer needed


Junior Member

I'm primarily a PHP programmer and although I can do a lot of graphical work I need someone to do the more advanced things for a contract that will be starting in the next few days.

Specifically my client needs a logo redesign and design of physical cards (more information can be supplied on request). He's also asked for suggestions on the redesign of the website.

I'm sure you'll want some more information, so please feel free to PM or email me (I'll reply quicker if you email). Could you also send me some previous work or your portfolio.

If you want to email me please use the contact form at bailey-projects.com. I won't post my email for obvious reasons.

Thanks, Peter :)


Active Member
Hi Peter,

Welcome to Design Forums, have sent you a PM about this, but then re-read your post and will send an e-mail across now :)