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Graphic Designer (4 years) new to DesignForums.co.uk

Dear Members,

I am new to this graphic design forum, I am Ronnie working at CssFox (originaly a PSD to XHTML/ CSS/ HTML web page coding company) also providing design support to existing client only) from 4 years as graphic design consultant, managing graphic designer clients day to day work such as helping them to create design mockups, concepts and other design support services. Our work is related to stationery design, flyer design and concept presenation, poster concept presentation, brochure design, catalog concept presenation, advertisement design concept presentation and cover design and other print and web designs.

Since we work on Monday to Friday in office, i am available to freelance work on Saturday and Sunday. See my sample work at Graphics Goon: Graphics Designer. I love Graphic design, as it is in my blood, reason for joining this forum is not brag about my self and my service but to share my knowledge and gain friends and become a STAR Graphic Designer. I learned from my seniors that forums are a real place to learn, share knowledge and other designers are willing to help you out so that you grow to a high quality graphic designer whom people recognise, and respect by visualizing his creativity, not for his/her copycat design techinique.

Sorry for my bad English because i am grown in India where English is not our mother toung.

Ronnie Aka GraphicsGoon
Senior Design Consultant
Portfolio : Graphics Goon: Graphics Designer


Hi Ronnie! What part of India are you from? BTW Nice work there, in your portfolio!
@ chrismitchell, Aarlev, Typo, Tom Sound, Becky and Mohammad

Many thanks guys for all your responses. It's really a nice community for Noob like me lol :up:

@ Typo again: I am ready to fire my Guns, weekend ahead (means i am free to work) :angel:

@ Mohammad: I am in New Delhi, it's Capital of India and an awesome place!


The reason why I asked you is am also from India (South), I have never been to Delhi though, BTW Im the youngest member (active) in the forum I think (I'm 13)