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Graphic Design Course

Hi to all members ....

About me. I am new to this forum. I am 47 years old profoundly deaf, runs online fashion business for the last 10 years. Anyway, I wish to have a career change because of some reasons.

I am still uncertain whether I will be learning Photography or Graphic design. It is not easy for any deaf people getting hired, so need to run graphic design / photography business.

Now let focus on Graphic Design since this forum is all about graphic design unless otherwise you know more than me.

I've looked at online: http://www.thegraphicdesignschool.co.uk/ it looks good, but it is more of Australian (hence qualifications). If you have taken this course, please could you tell me of your experience.

I've also looked at Shillington - looks very impressive, but very expensive for 3 months course 9k plus VAT in London or 7k plus VAT in Manchester. 3 months course seems too short for someone who hasn't learned graphic design. (I have Art qualifications but almost 30 years ago). I am a fast learner especially when comes to the computer.

Anyway, since I run online fashion business, I have a good eye for colour, selecting clothing, so the 'beauty' details won't be a problem for me. One of my biggest trends is being too perfectionist - maybe negative?

Going to University or doing online University course is OUT of question because of my age, and will becoming lack of motivation. I attended University, taking BSc in Mathematics (Not fashion), after 2 years I started losing interests............... so UNI is no go,

VIDEO TUTORIALS - if without subtitles, then NO

Any other suggestions for me.