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Google's search share drops for the forth month in a row, opinions?


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According to hitwise Google has seen it's forth month of declining search share from a high of 72.25% in December 2009 to 69.97% in March 2010

So who's taking the traffic?
Well any one following SEO would say clearly Bing as they have a $100 million ad campaign on at the mo but they have lost search share as well, Yahoo! and Ask are the culprits, which is a tad surprising.

Ask has an small Ad campaign on at the mo, but in comparison to Microsofts it is seriously tiny.

Now you say so what that's still majority share well that's billions of billions of searches and if you are in the PPC business that's seriously important news or have share's in all 4, I would imagine, because if the trend continues well Yahoo!'s and Asks share price.......

Anyway check it out for your self.

Experian Hitwise :: Ask share of searches increases for fourth straight month

So thoughts.
Why do people reckon Yahoo! and Ask are stealing traffic as a drop of almost 3% in only a mere 4 months is huge.

Possible due to a drop in relevance and security issues?

I reckon Google having it's spat with China may account for some of that, especially as China is now calling their bluff.