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Google wave friends list

Who wants to be my friend there?

im just trying to know google wave but i guess i´ve stop waving because im friendless :D google have dont allow me to invite friends so to test wave google new to add some!

if you want to test google wave just add me to your friends list:

pacheco.online [at] googlewave.com
Just got invited to Google Wave which is exciting except that I don't know many people using it so it's a very lonely place at the moment!

dbushell [at] googlewave.com

Looks like the I also need to be invited to the developer sandbox too if I wan't to experiment with the API... that's a shame.
Been wanting a Google Wave invite since I heard about it, they're rather difficult to come by though it would seem.


well from my source over in Google he tells me that they are doing a very, tediously slow roll out of the invites, to stress test the servers etc.. which really sucks :(
i´ve some google wave invites... let me know if you want to be invited! just leave here your gmail email do send you an invite. i´ve just 5 :(
humm :S strange!!! today? or long time already? because it takes 1, 2 days to accept the invite... they do that manually i guess.. i already send it i hope you can receive this time :D