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Google Suggestions

Alex L

Senior Member
Okay, to start off, I have a somewhat uncommon name.

Recently, a Google of my name brought up my name and address as the fourth result. I fixed this but me being a bit paranoid kept on Googling my name for a fair few weeks.

I did a search today and the third character in, my name appears in the list.

Do Google add commonly searched stuff? Or, not so commonly in my case or is it just chance?


Senior Member
Are you talking about the new drop down menu that happens when you put in a search string? I think if you just put a new topic in, it matches key words with its vast database and puts words or phrases that match them closest.

If you put in a search string that you have done before, however maybe it gets saved in the cache for your IP address, so if you put the same word or words in, they show up in the relavent matches? And keep in mind that I probably just guessing all of that, and was using the most general terms possible:eek: But I have really seen what you mean! :D

Alex L

Senior Member
Next time I'm away from my main PC, I'll test it out. I'll update this thread to let you know if you're right or not though ;)