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Google changed?


Senior Member
Yes I noticed it... They already had a similar sidebar in the image search which I really liked. They also implement page previews now, better than my plugin (hehe) so I'll be getting rid of that :)


Senior Member
I think this went live on chrome a few days (weeks?) ago...
However, I still can't work out how to just uk search with it :9


Senior Member
I'll have to look, not certain about Google in the US. Usually when I start up Chrome on my PC, I get my iGoogle page guess since I set it as my home page. Is this for Google in the UK only maybe?


Senior Member
I also use Chrome but I haven't noticed any graphic change. However, I see a message now, for some websites, saying "Be carreful, this website could be dangerous for your computer..." (something like this) and it is a bit annoying. I don't know how I can modify this option which appeared suddenly.


Active Member
Got to admit been doing fair bit of SEO work recently, the only time I use Google, and i haven't seen it or even read about it.

What browser where you using and are you still getting it?