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Google Buzz


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So has anyone else seen the new entry to the social networking arena of sites?
In the form of Google's new product, Google Buzz

I'm not convinced it's really doing anything new or groundbreaking but who knows what they have up their sleeves, it just looks like another potential advertising stream for them if they can convince gmail users it's better than what's out there already.



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Nothing new but it'll be part of Chrome OS without a doubt.
And the video says you follow all the friends you've already made... so I wouldn't have any friends on the Buzz network :p


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I feel that google are making all these things when really they just need to make one large super thing.
Which I assume is the point of chrome OS, but it shouldn't be about an OS, it should be "on the cloud"


Staff member
ralphsaunders said:
Isn't this a copy of twitter? Just with a google account instead?
the way I understand it is that it's twitter with extra characters for posts and facebook plus geo location/tagging all rolled up into one app. It can currently read twitter but not post.

Not sure I can see the point for it yet but it is designed for mobile web browsers too


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oooh looks like I've had google buzz added to my gmail account (wasn't there last night). Not got any friends on it though just like Onartis :p

edit: Anyone want to be friends to see how this thing works as I've only got a gmail account for google stuff :).


Staff member
well I wouldn't worry too much, I posted on twitter about an hour ago and it's not showing on my buzz page.

Probably won't bother with it at this rate :)