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Good news thread


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thought we should have a good news thread to cheer us up and feel positive.
Lets se some good things, anything, doesn't have to be business related anything that is good news for you today....

Today, we were shortlisted to present some next Thursday for some work. It's nice to end Friday with good news. Also I left work at 6.00 and surprised the hell out of the wife as she wasn't expecting me back till 8.00 as usual. I vegetated in front of the TV and watched Surfs Up.


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My good news... [don't be jealous]

I get a ton of money (about £1,300) to get an iMac and iPhone at the end of the school year!


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We're starting a thread for pretty much everything these days :p
Unfortunately don't have anything to add at the time of writing.


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Onartis said:
Unfortunately don't have anything to add at the time of writing.
............ Nobody's stole you computer and turned off your Internet supply. So that's good news! You haven't been hit by a Boeing 747, Your Mum hasn't found your Porn favourites, The Style Police haven't confiscated your sunglasses today.......Life's good...;)


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They're not my sunglasses... they're my friend, I stole them and he hasn't found out yet. That's good news :p

j/k but my mom is in America for 2 weeks, that's good news :D


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Everyone come along! For those who don't know where I live, this is my address:
Vita House, Fish Quay, North Shields, Tyne & Wear, NE30 1JA
(not sure if it's a valid address but I'll take my chances)

Oh and don't forget, BYOB!


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my house is tidy! thats dam good news!

I have the date of the first gig with my band and got me a line up to do a stars in their eyes!

My mother sent me a text message! that is practically a miracle!


woke up got on WiiFit and have managed to loose more weight. Also hopefully picking up an engagment ring today (if its ready at the jewellers)